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Fantastic Cap Cana


Until recently, Cap Cana was a “forbidden” city of Punta Cana. This project has a size of 120 millions of square meters and delivers the most ambitious living and vacation facility in Caribbean. The biggest in region marina yacht features 8 meters deep channel specially dug for the comfort of boat owners allowing them to go into their scrumptious villas straight from the pier.
Cap Cana could be also called “country within a country” where the most remarkable villas are built side by side with hotel “Sanctuary Cap Cana” and famous “Eden Rock” designed by worldwide celebrated architects that were inspired by local natural beauty. Enjoying the comfort of multi-million worth apartments it is always great to start a day with a breakfast in one of the coziest restaurant with marina on a background. Rare indigenous eco park called “Scape Park” located within Cap Cana attracts a lot of tourists with one of the most beautiful caves in the island along with a crystal clear water of Blue lake and magnificent fern garden. Cap Cana has few deluxe restaurants at your disposal. Spanish restaurant “Farallon” is set at the top of the 50 meters high mountain featuring remarkable ocean view.


Another great highlight of Cap Cana is stunning Juanillo beach with long stretches of white sand and turquoise ocean water creating an ultimate relaxation.
Guests and residents of Cap Cana are offered one of the most popular trip to natural pool by means of stylish Catamaran where open bar drinks go hand by hand with Caribbean rhythms.
Fancy “Dux” club built in Svarovsky style is a recognized best club in Caribbean set in marina of Cap Cana and offers not only great dance events and pool parties but also the most romantic sunset watching spot.
We suggest to spent the whole day in this marvelous place indulging yourself to a luxury, richness and natural beauty of this exclusive resort. Not to be missed!



Program includes:

  • Trip to indigenous eco “Scape Park” featuring major sightseeing such as: Iguabonita cave and “Blue eye” lake of 72 meters deep situated in a cave.
  • Eco trail walk through the numerous paths of the park and visit to breathtaking Orchid garden.
  • Lunch at the restaurant located at the mountain top (lobsters are included).
  • Juanillo beach break and Catamaran trip with animation team to natural pool. Open bar.
  • Exclusive “Dux” club pool party.

*Program is entirely accompanied by animation team