Sus amigos en el Caribe


New wedding ceremonies!

Two brand new wedding service packages!

Travel Service would like to announce creation of two new wedding service packages! Together with the team of our specialists we have developed new variants of wedding ceremonies. These packages include new locations, decorations and scenarios of wedding ceremonies.

Since the present day Travel Service can organize your wedding in the paradise-like island of Saona. It is washed by the Caribbean Sea. This little paradise is famous for its snow-white beaches and leaning palm trees. We suggest you to enjoy the virgin nature of the Caribbean island and say the sacramental “yes” to your partner in marriage with the music of sea waves and palms rustling in the wind.


For fans of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” the wedding department of Travel Service developed a pirate-style wedding. The flag with the Jolly Roger and the pirate’s net with starfish, the anchor, the steering wheel, the costumes – everything that a true pirate cannot do without!
This is a real costume celebration that is perfect to have in the Dominican Republic.