Your friends in the Caribbean

Travel recommendations

Sun and tan

Sun in tropical is very active even during the winter. You can get burnt even in shade. To avoid undesirable consequences please use sun protection cream of ph 40-50. Be extra careful during sea and beach excursions where sun is even stronger due to reflection of water and sand.


Potable water

Only drink bottled water. You can brush your teeth with water from sink but avoid drinking that.



Voltage in Dominican Republic is 110 V, 60 Hz (same as in the USA). Some hotels have voltage of 220 V though. Most of the chargers for mobile devices, such as laptops, cell phones and DVD players use 220 V and 110 V. It is easily readable on device. Electrical outlets are flat. Adapters for flat outlet could be purchased in hotel stores or refer to your representative.



In Dominican Republic tips are commonly given to someone who provides service to you: porters in hotel/airport, housekeeping staff, bus drivers, boat captains, animation, horse teamsters during the excursions, bartenders and waiters in restaurants and bars. Please keep in mind that money left in room on a visible spot is considered as a tip by housekeeping staff. Regular tip in hotel is 1 dollar. Tips to be paid on excursions are at your own discretion. In restaurant it is about 10% of total bill.


Wellbeing and medicine

In case of issues with health you have a medical insurance. Normally, every insurance company has its own rules and we recommend reading them thoroughly beforehand. Quality of medical service in paid hospitals corresponds to fine international level. If necessary, get in touch with Insurance company and you will be forwarded to a relevant medical center.


We recommend using hotel safety box for storage of your jewelry, money, cameras, phones and other valuables. When you are about to go out for a walk, disco or bar please do not wear expensive golden or diamond jewelry that could attract undesirable attention. You do not have to have your ID at all times. You only need your driver’s license upon driving and copy of your ID when paying with Visa card.  Please be reasonable and stay away of troubles when leaving hotel. Avoid walking through dark, unknown areas and use taxi service available through reception desk or bar/restaurant. In the unlikely event of having issues with Police we strongly encourage you not to argue or be aggressive to them. Immediately contact your representative.

CESTUR is specially designated Police squads that have been created to specifically assist tourists in Dominican Republic. AMET is another department of Police dedicated for traffic safety. Please drive with extra caution as Dominicans sometimes drive with no license. Some motorcyclists have no headlight which is potentially dangerous at night. Adhere to Traffic code at all times.

Do not get involved in fights and conflicts. Violation of hotel rules implies dismissal of customers from hotel with no refund whatsoever. Police involvement is potentially likely as well.  Use and storage of any type of drugs are subject to criminal prosecution!

Hotel check-out

Information regarding your airport departure timing/meeting point is available from your representative (verbally or in written)

FOR YOUR INTEREST: Individual transfer to the airport is available for those who find general transfer a bit of a hassle. Your representative would be happy to book this service for you. It is cheaper than taxi but way more comfortable and safe.


Check-out (official time when you have to leave a room)-12:00. We encourage you to go down to hotel lobby about 10-20 minutes prior to that time. You would have to pay your bills for additional drinks, minibar, phone calls as well as submit your room key, towel card, safety box key and eventually get your “Check-out ticket”. Baggage man is called 1 hour before leave through reception desk or simply by calling “0”. Late check-out is available at day of check-out for extra charge. Note that room must be valid and not booked by prospective guests.


Custom rules

Outbound limitations regarding liquor are 2.5 liters per person and 50 cigars per person.  That is why we recommend purchasing quality products. Consultation regarding shopping is available through our guides and representatives. You would have to declare your money if you carry more than 10 000 USD.


Don't forget that airlines are very picky regarding weight of a luggage!


Visa and other formalities

Airlines might deny boarding for individuals under influence of alcohol or drugs.




Light cotton clothing and comfortable open shoes is the best outfit just in every tropical country. Dress code is applicable upon visiting restaurants in hotels. Visiting restaurants in bathing suit or being necked is not allowed. Formal attire is required at night. Read carefully description of excursion you are about to visit and consult with your representative with regards to a relevant clothing.

IMPORTANT: Instruction with tips on how to prepare for excursion is available on a backside of every ticket! Take a bathing suit, towel, sun protection cream, special shoes for corals, anti-mosquito cream if you go to a beach excursion. Long pants and socks are recommended for horseback riding. Keep your photo and video gear away from sea water. It is not common to wear bathing suit or open clothing in Santo Domingo despite the fact that Dominicans are quite tolerable on this aspect. Shoulders and knees must be covered for both male and female when visiting churches. Men have to take off the hat as well.


Cancelation of excursions

There are a lot of companies involved in organization of your vacation that need to make a preliminary reservation of transportation, arrange catering and workflow of staff. That is why cancellation of excursion is only allowed for person who has a valid reason, in particular health issues. That has to be confirmed with medical report and cancellation would be made solely for the individual who is not able to go for excursion.

Travel Service Company reserves the right to: alter any content of excursion, cancel excursion, or recall any stage of excursion if necessary without prior notice.

We do not recommend:

  1. Do not swim beyond buoys at hotel beach. Speedboats cruise close to the lines of the buoys. Be careful during excursions to Macao beach. Rip current might be dangerous even for experienced swimmers.
  2. Always apply sun cream of 40-50 degrees protection especially on first days and beach excursions. One can get sunburnt even in shade.
  3. Drink responsibly. Hot sun and tasty cocktails might result in unexpected consequences.
  4. Do not get involved in conflicts with other tourists or local people. Be polite and cautious with everyone including authorities. Dominicans are very tolerable and hospitable people but law is equal for everyone. Otherwise ones vacation might end-up in police or even in prison.
  5. Keep your valuables, documents and money in a safety box. Do not carry passport or large amount of money on you.
  6. It is not recommended to buy excursions from “pirates” even though their promo brochures are printed on a fine paper. Illegal excursions are not featured with guide and quality itself leaves much to be desired. They might simply not pick you up at the meeting point and there would be no one to refer to. Nobody would be responsible for that and surely no refund should be expected. There is absolutely no guarantee for your safety and safety of your belongings, such as photo cameras, etc. Boats used by “pirates” might sink with no insurance provided. It is prohibited to work with tourists without license in Dominican Republic. Therefore illegal group might be stopped and returned back by Ministry of tourism representatives with no refund whatsoever. By purchasing a product of your official provider Travel Service Company you are protected by law, insurances and contract responsibility.
  7. It is highly important that the biggest events of your life are organized by professionals that are fully responsible for the services rendered. Our photo studio and wedding agency “SunShot” is not only a team of professionals but authorized representative of your tour operator in Dominican Republic that is fully responsible for quality of product you have purchased.