Your friends in the Caribbean

For Individual clients

Para clientes individuales

Travel Service West Indies S.R.L. is a flagman of individual tourism on the island and brings its great experience to all Caribbean destinies where the company’s offices are operating. We have our installations in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, Costa Rica. Soon, the office in Spain will be open. More than ten years ago there was not enough tourist flow to organize excursions and tours for groups. Real massive tourism in the Caribbean has begun only 6-7 years ago. But now, after the first discovery of the Caribbean paradise, many of our clients decide to come back in order to re-discover the region but in the more deep and personalized way.

Having excellent knowledge of the Caribbean countries and deep love to the region, we can offer our guests the best tours into the most fantastic and unknown places, to create and realize incredible “getaway” to the beautiful beaches and islands, and plan thoroughly your special events. All your wishes and dreams will become true with Travel Service West Indies – your best friend in the Caribbean. 

Our company can offer easily as VIP packages so the economic ones. Everything depends on your choice. We are keeping special relationship with all the hotels in the Caribbean and can reserve for you the best boutique hotels in the very exclusive places and the most modest and economic ones. One can choose ecologic tour or exclusive and luxury one. Anything you wish we will put together in the best way and your trip will be organized in a proper way. We will provide excellent services and we will not disrupt your intimacy.  We know your soul of big traveler who is looking for the only way to spend your vacations – personally yours!!! 

Individual tours we offer: cruises, sun&beach, honeymoon, anniversary tours, historical, ecological and nature watching circuits, music&dance trips, spiritual tours and many others.


Our services:

  • Transfers by plane, helicopter, bus, car, VIP vehicles;
  • Hotels, boutique hotels and villas reservation;
  • Excursions with professional guides;
  • Organization of holidays: weddings, parties and different celebrations;
  • Car rent;
  • Yacht freight;
  • Cruises round the Antilles;
  • Other services according to the orders of our guests.