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Real Estate in the Dominican Republic

Travel Service – is a company that provides the widest range of services to its clients, including assistance for real estate buying, legal support for registration and legalization both your status in the country and the documents for your real estate. It also gives business consultations, helps in setting up your accommodation and adapt to a new country.
Our team consists of best specialists in real estate and lawyers of the Dominican Republic who will help you to buy apartments or villa in the most prestigious regions of the country, a land lot for construction of residential or commercial real estate as well as to rent apartments for a long or short term period of time.

5 main reasons why you should buy real estate in the Dominican Republic:

1. The Dominican Republic is a country of endless summer, bright sunshine and lush tropical vegetation where nothing and no one threaten you! Here you can enjoy the warm ocean and comfort climate throughout the year.
2. Low price for real estate and loyal tax system make this country an attractive one for investments. The Dominican Republic legislation gives the right to buy real estate without any restrictions both for residents and for foreigners, regardless of status of their presence in the country. Receiving the citizenship and residence permit is not a great problem.
3. Visa-free entry will allow your friends and relatives to come into the country freely, whenever they wish!
4. Throughout the year there are regular direct flights from Russia and Europe! Punta Cana airport every day receives up to 70 flights, though there are eight international airports in the country.
5. Local population is merry, heartfelt, friendly and welcoming people who are always ready to help. Dominicans are Christians and very congenial to us.


Our company has the right to sell real estate in the most prestigious projects of the Dominican Republic:

  • Punta Cana Resort
  • Cap Cana
  • Casa de Campo
  • Cocotal (Palma Real Villas)
  • La Hema
  • Iberostate Villas
  • Sybaris
  • Casa de Lago
  • El Limon
  • La Estancia
  • Playa Nueva La Romana
  • Costa Atlantica
  • Villas Del Sol 2
  • Arena Del Caribe

We offer you not just to buy a new home, but to start a new life!

Every year you will enjoy more than 3500 hours of the Caribbean sun!

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