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La Romana, Casa de Campo

Ла-Романа, Каса-де-Кампо

La Romana City is located on the Caribbean coast, at Dulce River mouth and 110 kilometers from Santo Domingo – capital of the Dominican Republic. This industrial city and port was founded very recently. The lands for the building of this port ware presented in 1882 by the group of great landowners. Its building began in 1897 under the guidance of Ducoudray. Though the founder of La Romana is considered to be a doctor Marcelio Teofilo Ferry who came there in 1876. The city was founded as a trading port. According to some versions, the name La Romana originates from La Romana River (now Dulce) that flowing in this area. According to another version, “la romana” means scales on which the cargo in the port was scaled.

Rapid development of the city was determined by construction of huge sugar processing plant in 1917. Due to this event many immigrants from Puerto Rica and Cube who were interested in sugar industry investing came to the city. Also poor Dominicans who offered only hands came here. For the long period of time La Romana was a part of El Seibo Province. In 1945 the city became the capital of a new province of the same name.

After the death of dictator Trujillo in 1961 the plant was bought by big American corporation Golf and Stream Corporation. In 70s the price for sugar on the world market fell, the factory owners decided to invest in hotel business. Later the unknown town in the Dominican Republic became the well-known city of Casa de Campo – one of the best world resorts. Today in winter the best cruise liners stop in the port of La Romana City. 

There is an offshore zone in La Romana where there is the biggest tobacco processing plant Garcia that produces one of the best Dominican cigars – Romeo and Juliette, Monte Cristo, H. Upmann, Seichas etc.

In 8-9 kilometers from La Romana there is a small wilderness Island of Catalina which is famous for its perfect variety of colorful fishes, corals and amazing beaches with soft white sand and azure water of the Caribbean Sea.

On a halfway between La Romana and big industrial city of San Pedro de Macoris there is a shy Bahia Principe La Romana hotel with amazing small bay and the most exciting place of the island - Cave of Wonders. The cave is famous for its paintings and amazing beauty. The park located around the cave is a perfect place with exotic endemic plants where you can have horse ride walks.

In a half-hour drive from La Romana you can find preserved area Kumasasa that is famous for its picturesque nature, horse ride walks, boat trips along Kumasasa River and trips to Dominican hinterland by canopy or buggy.

Casa de Campo is one of the best tourist centers of the international top list: it is listed in the top of prestigious resorts of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. On the huge territory there are a seaport, yacht clubs, hotels, villas, restaurants, bars, golf course, equestrian rancho and even a small airport. There is also Altos de Chavon - artificially recreated (in 1976) Italian city of XVI century. Its main places of interest are: school of design (branch of Parsons Institute of Design in New York), the Church of St. Stanislaus, Regional Archaeological Museum, art gallery, fountain - a copy of Roman Fountain of Wishes, amphitheater for 5000 visitors that was opened in 1982 at the concert of Frank Sinatra and Carlos Santana.