Your friends in the Caribbean

Traveling alone. In search of happiness to Costa Rica!

When it comes to vacation planning the last thing one has in mind is traveling alone. Yet, this type of traveling approach is getting more and more popular and nowadays word “SOLO TRAVEL” doesn’t seem weird or unusual. Those who tired of big cities vanity or doesn’t want to coordinate one’s vacation with family, friends or a beloved ones might want to take a look at the specially crafted itineraries that represent the perfect possibility for one’s recreation and power fulfillment without any interference from third party. That probably sounds selfish but who would not appreciate such a benefits as: no need to wait for anyone, deep penetration into oneself as well as the atmosphere, chance to become more independent than ever and last but not least, a bunch of new friends made?


Worldwide famous magazine “FORBES” have listed 4 top destinations for beginning “SOLO”-travelers with special emphasis to such a features as safety, friendliness of locals and intensity of sightseeings.


This list was enriched by our new destination – Costa Rica, in particular Guanacaste region.


Costa Rica with its remarkable ocean, lush rainforest and ancient volcanoes remain to be an ideal place for adventure lovers as well as for those who want to become a part of this beautiful nature staying with no one but oneself.

Things to do:

    • Rafting through “Rio Blanco”
    • Volcanoes adventure
    • Natural thermal sources and SPA
    • Safari Borinquen


    • Riu Palace Guanacaste (great option for fine cuisine lovers)
    • Occidental Grand Papagayo (wonderful Pacific Ocean view)
    • Dreams Las Mareas (to be opened in November 2014 – the biggest swimming pools in a country)
    • Andaz Peninsula Papagayo (taste of luxury)


Apart from big hotels, Costa Rica has numerous boutique hotels of different trends. Our specialists would be happy to assist you with selection of ultimate hotel for travelling with the best companion which is YOU yourself!