Your friends in the Caribbean


Чичен-Ица и Вайадолид

Chichen Itza is the ancient capital of the Mayan, which attracts millions of tourists every year around and is one of the new seven wonders of the world. This ancient city with the centers for ceremonies, pyramids and temples is full of unsolved mysteries.

Коба + поселок индейцев Майя

Active eco-excursions that present the opportunity to spend bright, colorful and full of impressions day and at the same time get to know something new by visiting one of the most interesting archeological zones that are the latest trend in the global tourism industry. Where else can you swim in turquoise water of an underground lake, have a kayak tour along the picturesque lagoon, fly over the jungle on the rope and climb the tallest Mayan pyramid on the Yucatan Peninsula during one...

Эк Балам – Рио Лагартос – посещение деревни Майя

A trip to the heart of the Biosphere Reserve. Paradise for travelers who are fond of nature and environment. Here there are more than 200 species of birds, crocodiles, ancient creatures that practically hasn’t changed since the times of the dinosaurs - sea "kukarachcha". Also this place is the favorite one for the numerous colonies of pink flamingos. You will enjoy swimming in salt baths of bright scarlet color followed by a therapeutic clay procedure.

Остров Контой + остров Женщин

The unique opportunity to visit two islands in one day! Crowding like a wind on a speedy powerboat you will enjoy the beauty of Contoy reserve and walk in the comfortable streets of the Island of Women. Double impressions, more photos and twice more pleasure!


Mexico in miniature is the shortest and most exact description of this world famous park. Xcaret dips you into the atmosphere of ancient Mayan traditions and allows spending an unforgettable day full of impressions. The jaguar island, the lagoon with sea turtles, greenhouse with butterflies, underground rivers and Indian village – these are only a part of beauties you will see on one unforgettable day.

Captain Hook

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a pirate, prowling the Caribbean Sea with a black flag, searching for treasures and winning the hearts of beautiful creoles? In Cancun you will be able to realize your dream and to be on genuine galleon together with brave pirates! Spectacular sea battles, varied evening program, heavy supper on the board and opened bar are waiting for you. So, take your sword and board on!


In the waters of the Caribbean Sea you can catch mackerel, tuna, barracuda, dorado, and of course the famous marlins - white, black and blue. There are prestigious fishing championships and favorable weather conditions do not give fishermen upset over the lack of catch. Will you try your luck?

<p>Temaskal is an ancient ritual of purification; ancient baths that according to Mayan belief warm up not only body but soul. With the help of a genuine shaman you will plunge into mystical world of local population of the Island and pass through 4 purification stages in the same way as it was in pre-colonial Mexico.</p>


<p>It is included in the list of 35 best entertainments in the world! Get ready to shoot through one of the fastest rope tracks after which we will walk in the seven suspension bridges. After a little rest, we will take sport-utility vehicles to continue the trip through the tropical selva. We will drive up to the cenote, deep in its crystal water and continue the trip. Tighten the straps tighter, because today there will be no rest!</p>

Плавание с китовыми акулами

The Gulf of Mexico is one of few places on the planet where you can see basking shark from May to September. We offer you the unique opportunity to swim side-by-side with amazing dwellers of the underwater world! The combination of gigantic size, good-natured behavior and unique coloration which looks like a chessboard makes the first meeting with basking shark a truly memorable event.

Дайвинг для сертифицированных дайверов

Fascinating excursion for experienced divers.

Дайвинг для новичков

Fascinating excursion for those who wants to try diving.