Your friends in the Caribbean

Geography and population


Island of Hispaniola or Haiti as it often referred to on Russian and French maps represents the second largest island after Cuba and considered as a richest mountain Island over Big Antilles Islands. Island is shared by 2 countries. One of them is Dominican Republic covering 48 500 square kilometers with total coast line of 1575 kilometers 1/3 of which is beaches. In western part Dominicana borders with Republic of Haiti that occupies third part of the island. In north Haiti island is washed by Atlantic ocean and by Caribbean sea in south. Mono channel that have been frightening seafarers with its furious currents and fearful winds separates the island from Puerto Rico in east.



There are 12 climatic areas in a country due to the mountain relief. That basically explains the great diversity of greenery and plants: over 5600 species of plants including 39% of endemic ones. From west to east island is intersected by 4 mountain chains that have been formed as a result of tectonic plates active movement. The highest mountain peak in Caribbean, Duarte peak of 3175 m is located in Dominican Republic.


Along with major rivers that are deep and numerous, Dominican Republic has very many small rivers, waterfalls and lakes. The biggest salty lake in Caribbean, Enriquillo lake is located in south-west at level of -40 meters in relation to ocean level. There are also few islands, such as Saona Island located in south-east part of the island in Caribbean sea.



Dominican Republic is famous for its lush, wet tropical climate. Average temperature during the summer is around 27 degrees and at winter it gets down to about 24 degrees. Winter in tropical begins as early as November and ends up in April.

Bathing season is all year around. Ocean water temperature stays in comfortable zone of 24-28 degrees in average. Tropical downpours at night are common from month of May.


Local Time

Timezone is UTC -04:00. Don't forget to adjust your watch ;-).



Dominican people

The population of Dominican Republic is about 10 million people. Most of the country live in cities. In fact, they could be considered as a longlivers: males live for average 65 years old and women up to 72 years old. Dominican Diaspora in the United States reckons to 1.5 million of people. Very many Dominicans reside in island of Puerto Rico and Spain.


Language and communication

Spanish is the official language of Dominican Republic.


Dominicans and their personality

Dominicans are cheerful, sociable and friendly people. These people have incredible sense of self-esteem, tolerable to foreign habits and traditions, practical in life and deeply in love with their country. Never the less, Dominicans are not very punctual at a time. Therefore relax and don’t worry when you ask something of Dominicans: they don’t like to hurry up and you shouldn’t take that personally. The most favorite Dominican expressions are: “manana” ( tomorrow) and “momentito” (just a minute).

Be careful! Do not give to strangers your money and valuables. Dominicans are always eager to help but sometimes don’t know how to do so therefore ask couple more individuals before following their advice. If their recommendations match then you can follow that.