Your friends in the Caribbean



The Voodoo involves mystery, fear and deep mystical experience. In fact, Voodoo dolls, zombies and scenes that include blood are all created by Hollywood movie makers. As a matter of fact, this ancient cult originates from small African country called Benin. Few centuries ago the original worshipers of this religion were forced to cross the Atlantic by slave ships and expanded their believes to Haiti and later, to the USA. It is currently over 50 million of Voodoo disciples around the world. African cult mixed with catholic traditions exemplify the incredible syncretism of different religions co-existing hand by hand in Latin America. In 2003 this Voodoo religion was officially legalized in Republic of Haiti. Inevitably, it found its way to Dominican Republic too. You would have an exclusive opportunity to see Voodoo ceremony that incredibly combines the elements of African believes and catholic traditions. Personal consultation from Shaman is available for those who are not afraid to look into one’s destiny. There is no room for fear when it comes to a place where ancient Gods and spirits come to life with music of tribal drums. It is all about new spiritual experience that can’t be missed.

Program includes:

  • Trip through sugarcane fields down to Haitian village.
  • Voodoo ceremony held by Shaman.
  • Rum and soft drinks are included for the whole duration of the trip.

*Not for the faint-hearted persons!