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To Haiti!

The capital of Haiti is Port au Prince, formerly luxurious city with outstanding architecture. But time has brought dramatic changes into the history of Haiti. The most devastating earthquake of 2010 left deadly consequences that still remain unresolved. There is a camp designated to support those who suffered from earthquake and nobody actually knows when that camp would stop functioning. Truly incredible and unparalleled history, unique culture, folklore and religion attract large number of tourists that are just about to explore this amazing country full of mystery and thrill. Go ahead and explore it for yourself too!



To the heart of Haiti. 1 day trip (Airplane trip to capital Port au Prince):

  • Arrival to Port au Prince airport from Santo Domingo.
  • Visit to capital suburb Petion Ville. This area is considered as the most luxurious part of the capital and represents the center of tourism and cultural life.
  • Trip to Kenskoff, a small picturesque village set in the mountains at height of 1500 meters that is only inhabited by 4000 people. Low air temperature during the winter creates an exciting contrast with a day heat. The famous fruit & vegetables market is another famous places located within a reach from Kenskoff and definitely could not be missed.
  • The only one museum-pantheon of national heroes will share the most interesting highlights of country rich history dating you back to the very beginning.
  • Delicious Lunch with big variety of food at the best hotel of the city, the Plaza Hotel.


To the heart of Haiti. 2 days trip by bus:

  • Day 1: Arrival to Santo Domingo, city tour, lunch and departure to Dajabon. Overnight stay in hotel.
  • Day 2: Breakfast at the hotel, border crossing and an exciting visit to the ancient castle of King Cristoff followed by folk and culinary expedition to renowned Mota village. You might want to make a quick stop by local souvenirs and goodies market before making your way back to the hotel.