Your friends in the Caribbean

Dolphin Explorer Park

Дельфины (Dolphin Explorer)

Always been dreaming of swimming with dolphins? Dolphin Explorer park is there to make that happen. You would be able to touch, swim and even make some acrobatic tricks (depending on a program) with these incredible mammals under thorough supervision of professional instructor. Loads of positive emotions are guaranteed.

“Fantastic” package

Program includes swim with dolphins for the duration of 30 minutes. There are 20 persons in a group. 1 dolphin per group. Children under 1 year old are not permitted.


“Explorer” package

You would swim with dolphin by grabbing its fin. In order to make that you have to be an experienced swimmer. Children under 8 years old are not permitted. 30 minutes in water. 1 dolphin per 12 persons group.

“Excellence” package

A dolphin would push you out of the water! And then they would make a full twist right over your head.2 dolphins per 10 persons group. 45 minutes in water. Children under 10 year old are not permitted. Good swimming ability is mandatory.

Dolphin island

“Extreme” package

Package includes swimming with dolphins, fur seals show, snorkeling, swimming with stingrays and nurse-sharks!

*Earing, rings and other metal jewelry as well as sun protecting cream are not permitted on this excursion!