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Altos de Chavon VIP

Altos de Chavon is a unique town in La Romana located at the territory of one of the most prestigious vacation and living facility- Casa del Campo. It was built in 1976 representing the style of 16th century Italian village. Walking along ancient streets of the town it is hard to believe that the bricks the town is made of have been artificially worn out (distressed) by local craftsmen. Remarkable atmosphere of the town, stunning architecture of buildings, big variety of stores and little restaurants overlooking the high banks of Chavon river along with big number of highlights, such as: amphitheater of 5000 people capacity, fountain of wishes with fish in it, the Church of Saint Stanislav, house with weathercock where that accommodates the most famous Parsons New York design school, Taino Indians museum and very many exclusive stores that all contribute to unforgettable experience. There is not even one tourist in Dominican Republic that has not visited this unique town without wanting to come back.