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Travel Tips

Mexico is located under CST (Central Standard Time) or UTC/GMT -6 hours. Daylight saving time in Cancun is expected on April 6th, 2014 at 2:00 AM. The clocks will be turned one our forward.

Entering Mexico
Citizens of the USA, Canada or EU countries have visa-free access to Mexico. Tourists from Russia or some other post USSR countries should use an electronic authorization, which allows obtaining permission to travel to Mexico without Mexican visa. This permission is free of charge and allows you to stay in Mexico up to 180 days for tourism, transit, and for certain types of business trips. A questionnaire to obtain an electronic authorization can be filled by clicking on the link:
Entering Mexico by visa
To obtain visa you must register online and follow the instructions of the embassy:
Embajada de México en Estados Unidos
Embassy of Mexico also accepts the applications for visas through the accredited travel agencies. Whoever possesses a U.S. visa, permanent residence in the Schengen countries, Japan, UK, and Canada may enter Mexican territory without visa or the ER for the period of not more than 180 days.

Customs control
When crossing the border every person fills the customs declaration, where he/she specifies:

- personal information;

- possession of funds that exceed $10,000 U.S.D;

- possession of luggage which requires special documents for importation (weapons, etc.).

Then, having passed the immigration control, all passengers undergo customs and sanitary control. At the same time, all luggage and hand luggage is examined with X-ray equipment, and then the passenger has to press a button on a special stand. If it is colored in green, a passenger passes without further customs inspection. In case of red color, the officials perform an inspection of the entire luggage. However, when the customs officials have the appropriate order, they can inspect the luggage of any passenger.

All the passengers departing from the country on international flights should pay a fee in the amount of $ 18-29 U.S.D. depending on the airport. Most airlines add the so-called "airport tax" to the ticket price. The tax is not paid by children under 2 years, transit passengers and diplomatic officials.

Alcohol drinks and cigarettes
Persons over 18 years old are allowed duty-free import of up to 3 liters of strong alcohol drinks and 6 liters of wine; up to 20 packs of cigarettes, 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco. When the permitted norms are exceeded, a passenger should pay a fee of 84% and 227% of the cost of additional alcohol and cigarettes. The export of tobacco and alcohol drinks is free.

Weapons and ammunition
The importation of firearms and ammunition is permitted only with a permit authorized by the Secretary of National Security ( Secretaria de la Defensa Nacional) ( Secretaria de la Defensa Nacional). 

Audio and video equipment
It is allowed to import one camcorder, 1 photo camera and 12 films (videotapes), as well as gifts and other goods for the value not exceeding $ 300. Additional products that cost not more than $ 500 can also be imported duty free, but only if you prove their non-commercial use.

Goods prohibited for import/export
It is prohibited to import/export antiques, precious metals, rare animals and birds as well as their skins and stuffs.
 Also it is prohibited to import drugs without documentary proof of their use (required a prescription or medical records).
The import of psychotropic and narcotic substances, pornographic publications is prohibited. Also it is prohibited to import fruits, vegetables, plants, cuttings and seeds (the seeds are only allowed to be imported under special license from the Ministry of Agriculture), soil, flowers, fresh meat and meat products (the import of canned meat is prohibited also, except pork).

Medical care
In case of an insured event you must immediately call one of the telephone numbers listed in the insurance policy in order to receive the detailed instructions from the insurance company. In particular, it is recommended to contact Travel Service Mexico, which will coordinate your further actions.

Electrical voltage
The voltage is at 110 volts - "American Plug". To use electrical appliances it is required to use adapters for flat sockets. Usually, they can be purchased at all major hotels or household stores.

Working hours of grocery stores and manufactured goods stores
Mostly grocery stores and manufactured goods stores work at the schedule: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM without a break. There are large 24/7 supermarkets and mini-markets networks: “OXXO”, “EXTRA”.

Car rental
Car rentals are provided by authorized companies. To rent a car you should have a credit card (debit cards are not accepted). The renting price depends on the rent term, car class and driving experience. Also car insurance should be purchased. Required age for a car rental is 25 years and up.

Travel Service Mexico Tourists Support Hotline
Toll-free from Mexico — 01-800-681-9381
Representatives in Mexico +52 1 (998) 241-9342 Natalia Garcia Remenyuk
+52 1 (998) 241-9344 Maria Kireeva

Holiday days off
January 1st - New Year
February 5th - Constitution Day
March 21st - Birthday of national hero Benito Juarez
April 21st - Good Friday
April 24th - Easter Monday
April 30th - Children's Day
May 1st - Labor Day
May 5th - Battle of Puebla Anniversary
September 16th - Independence Day
October 12th - Columbus Day
November 2nd - Day of the Dead
November 20th - Revolution Day
December 12th - Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe
December 25th – Christmas