Your friends in the Caribbean

Travel Tips

Sun and suntan

The sun is very active In tropics. Even in winter you can easily get a sunburn in the shade and with cloudy sky. Don’t forget to use your sunscreen with protection factors no less than 40-50(!), in order not to get a sunburn and spoil your holiday. 


VOLTAGE AND ELECTRIC CURRENT in Jamaica are 110 V and 60 Hz, though at some hotels there are sockets with 220 V power supply. A majority of modern rechargers for laptops, mobile phones and DVD players works under voltage of 220 V and 110 V simultaneously. (You can read this information on the devices). Sockets of American type are flat. Usually you can buy adapters for the flat socket at the hotel store. If you can not find adapters at the hotel, ask your representative where you could buy them.

As in any tropical country the best dressing form is light cotton wear and comfortable open shoes. The only restriction is visiting hotel restaurants where certain dress code is applicable. Find out more about the excursion you are going to and ask your hotel guide what clothing would be relevant. If it is beach related – don’t forget to wear a swimsuit, take your towel, sunscreen and sometimes it is useful to have a repellent. Make sure your shoes are comfortable. If you are going horse riding, long trousers wouldn’t go amiss. For many excursions it is recommended to take coral flip-flops, though if necessary you can always rent them or buy on site. In the capital you will have to walk for a long time along sunny streets of the city that is why you have to choose light but proper clothing and comfortable shoes.

Potable water
Drink only bottled potable water! At the hotel you can clean your teeth with tap water but we don’t recommend drinking it.



To Jamaica you can import 25 cigars, 200 cigarettes and 2 liters of alcohol. There are no export restrictions for rum, souvenirs and local currency.

Visa and other formalities
Tourist visa for citizens of the Russian Federation is issued upon arrival to the airport for a term of 90 days and costs $20 US. Required documents: hotel voucher, return ticket to the Russian Federation, sometimes it can be necessary to prove that you have available money means for the period of your stay.

Payment method for services and shoppings, banks and credit cards
Currency of Jamaica is Jamaican dollar. There are the following notes 50, 100, 500, 1000 Jamaican dollars.
Almost everywhere they accept US dollars, except hundred dollar notes. However, the conversion rate is set randomly that is why more often it is worth paying your shopping by Jamaican dollars.

At hotels, big shops and restaurants they accept credit cards but you must have your identification document. There are cash machines which dispenses US dollars (ScotiaBank), although a lot of banks give only local currency.

Rate of exchange may vary. Thus, for example, in January 2012 it amounted to 90 Jamaican dollars for 1 US dollar. Exchange offices are called MONEY CHANGE and you can easily find them in tourist zones

The country is still using two measuring systems: British and metric which is usual for us. For example, at the market as a measure of weight people use pounds but at supermarkets – kilograms. Distance can be measures either by miles or kilometers, length is measured by feet and surface – by acres. At the market and beach fruits are sold per item and their price depends on size but not weight.

Medical service in Jamaica is paid.

If you feel bad, try to contact your representative immediately. If you suffer from motion sickness, buy some travel sickness pills at the drugstore or hotel shop. During many excursions by buses and across the sea you will feel much more comfortable.

The only fauna representatives of the island which may annoy you in Jamaica are mosquitoes. Buy a repellent and you will get rid of this problem!



The traffic in Jamaica is left-hand! Many roads pass through mountainous areas. Driving manner is quite original and unusual. There are no actual maps of Jamaica for navigators. The police intensely watch that everybody observed speed limits and traffic rules on the roads. A talk to public authorities may be very serious. On the basis of all these facts, the Travel Service Company does not recommend its tourists to rent cars.

In Jamaica there are two wireless mobile operators: Digicel and LIME. Having your passport you can buy a SIM card at any working time at the office of any mobile operator. Check the SIM card and your mobile phone for compatibility! Sometimes it is necessary to buy a cheap mobile phone.

All hotels have Internet access. Some hotels provide with Wi-Fi Internet service. You can get more detailed information from your representative.

The fact that Jamaica is a dangerous country is a myth. There are crime cases in Jamaica, as everywhere else, but this situation actually does not concern the tourists. If you follow elementary safety rules (to keep jewelries in a safe, not to take for night walks more cash than you plan to spend, not to wear gold jewelries at night if you leave the territory of the hotel) nothing should worsen your holiday. If you aren’t looking for problems, you won’t have them

Simple rules of behavior:
Be wise and don’t be cruising for a bruising because you can find problems everywhere. Don’t walk in dark unfamiliar places alone, especially at night.

It is better to take a taxi which you can easily be called from the hotel reception, bar or restaurant where you rest.

If you have some problems with the police, then you shouldn’t argue and show your aggressiveness towards them. Contact your representative immediately!

Don’t go anywhere with people unknown to you, especially if you are alone and walk in the evening time.

Watch your cameras and mobiles! At the hotel keep all your documents and valuables in a safe.

And the most important thing – remember that marihuana in Jamaica is NOT legalized!

In Jamaica it is common to give tips those people who do you services: porters at hotels and airports, hotel maids, bus drivers and excursion guides, waiters and barmen at restaurants and bars. However, some Jamaican hotels include tips in their “all inclusive” concept. Double-check this information from your representative.

Jamaica is world famous for its “reggae” music since legendary Bob Marley and a lot of other Jamaican singers who topped the US and European charts: Beenie Man, Shaggy, Sean Paul and others. Concerts of local musicians take place across the island all year round. But tourists are mainly attracted by festivals which take place in summer, on the New Year’s Eve and for Bob Marley’s Day in February when for one night you can see the performances of famous and well-liked singers. In Negril, on 7 Mile Beach reggae concerts are held every evening in different bars. Concerts and parties show bills can be seen along the roads. In general, at night clubs they play American and local music. In Montego-Bay the most popular clubs are Margaritaville and Pier 1. In Ocho-Rios – Margaritaville and Amnesia. In Negril – The Jungle.