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KINGSTON is the capital of Jamaica. Kingston is a modern city but not very rich with historical monuments. But if you want to find out more about the country, its culture and traditions, you should necessarily visit the capital and the main port of this amazing island. The city was founded in 1692, not far from Port-Royal (at that time it used to be the capital). Port-Royal acquired prominence of the most sinful city of the world. For a long period of time, this place was the favorite city of pirates and their capital. They brought their pillage from all the countries here. In 1962 Port-Royal city was punished: as a result of earthquake all the city was destroyed and submerged.


Today, underwater city Port-Royal is one of the main sights of the Jamaican capital. The government even thinks of organizing underwater park that tourists can visit the ruins of pirate capital. But now only divers, even not all of them but those who have a special permit, are allowed to sink deeply where they can admire the city sunken into depths of the sea. Modern capital of Jamaica – Kingston is the largest Jamaican city. Here live about 800000 people. It is cultural, financial, economical and business center of the country. Kingston is one of the most important ports of Western India: from this port sugar, molasses and bananas are imported. The most optimum district where you can find a good hotel, the best bars and restaurants and a lot of business centers is New-Kingston district situated in 30 minutes drive from the airport. In Kingston you can visit Devon House. It is a Luxury House of XIXth century which will give you a concept of typical accommodation of colonial period. You will be surprised at exquisiteness and elegance of furnishing. In Kingston you should visit Hope Botanical Gardens. There are excursions for schoolchildren. In the evenings it is a favorite place for lovers. In a small zoo you can see exotic animals and birds of the Caribbean Basin.


Of course, you can’t walk past the famous Bob Marley museum. Underwater Port-Royal city is one of the main sights of Jamaican capital. The government plans to organize an underwater park so that guests of Jamaica can see the ruins of pirate capital. Today this place is accessible only for certified divers. If you want to see and feel Jamaica, don’t stay at the hotel but necessarily visit Kingston, walk along the streets, see the main sights of the city and you will surely have what to remember about in cold winter evenings. In spite of secure Jamaican status, it is worth mentioning that in Kingston you shouldn’t go to ghetto-districts, it is better to go on excursion with the guide who knows local customs, language and the area. Facts: Kingston is the capital of Jamaica. It was founded in 1693. Its area is 25 km². Population – 580 000 according to population census in 2009.

Population density is 1429 persons/km².



Montego Bay is the fourth most populated city of Jamaica situated in North-West of the country, in Saint-James parish. The city’s names, supposedly, derives from misspelled Spanish word “manteca” (lard) because lard, leather and beef were exported from the port in times of Spanish ruling. In Montego-Вay there is the International Donald Sangster airport. It is the biggest Jamaican airport which is connected by direct flights with several American and Canadian cities. The city and bay of Montego are the center of tourism industry. This is a resort and tropical island. From Montego-Bay travelers can go almost to any part of Jamaica.


In Montego-Bay there is a wide choice of hotels of different categories, styles and directions. This city has the biggest number of hotels and apartments than any other Jamaican city. Next to every hotel there are wonderful endless beaches, to many of which you can travel on foot. There are excellent restaurants, bars and discos. Life is pulsing all the day long. In the city center there are chains of big shops, boutiques and supermarkets, depending on hotel’s location to each of them you can walk or take a taxi. In Montego-Bay yacht club every year there is a sailing regatta for Miami cup.  Music festivals, as well as summer reggae festival, take place here. Not far from it there is an underwater park – a place for underwater swimming lovers, five 18-hole fields for golf open for everybody.


Near Montego-Bay there are old houses of plantation owners: here you can get acquainted with colonial epoch of Jamaica. One of the most popular and surrounded by mystique and legends is the Rose Hall. We recommend you to walk along Harbor-Street: this is the most popular place for shopping, in this street there is a handicraft market. Montego-Bay is all about fabulous beaches, hills covered with palms and building in colonial style – all these complete the picture of small port and tourist center. People of Jamaica briefly call this city Mobey. Facts: It is one of the largest tourist cities of Jamaica. Mayor – Charles Sinclair. City population is 79 830 people (according to calculations in 2010).



The city’s name Ocho Rios derived from Spanish “eight rivers”, short name is Ochie. However, many researchers think that this name could derive from misspelled word “Las Chorreras” which means waterfalls because there are a lot of them near the city. Ocho Rios is the tourist city in Northern coast of Jamaica and which is situated in Saint-Ann parish, in 105 km from Montego-Bay airport. Eastward of the city center there is a local Boscobel Aerodrome airport for domestic flights which is located in Boscobel village.


Ocho Rios used to be a small fishing village until the tourist industry came to the island and it turned into popular tourist center: diving, water sport and beach rest. Tropical gardens, cascades of the Dunn's River and endless beaches turned the city and its suburb into one of the most popular Jamaican resorts. Today the city is famous for first-class hotel complexes, near-shore restaurants and foot tapping discos. The city ranks among the biggest tourist centers of Jamaica. Ocho Rios is known as the second cruise port after Montego-Bay. Resort’s port accepts a record number of cruise liners: on the island it is a preferable place for stop of huge floating hotels.


Except the big number of hotel beaches, there is the main city beach – Turtle Beach Coast which stretched eastwards from Turtle Towers condominiums to Renaissance Jamaica Grande Resort. There are changing rooms and palms which make a pleasant shade. The second beach in popularity is Island Village Beach located in western side of Main Street. This is a calm and peaceful beach where you can rent towels, beach umbrellas and sun loungers. There is also Mahogany Beach located in 1 km eastwards from the center. This is one more small and charming beach of the city. Ocho Rios and its suburb consist of beaches, natural harbors, head lands, small ancient towns and fishing villages. Here you can choose accommodation to fit every taste and pocket. Despite growing popularity, great variety of entertainment and unremitting night life, Ocho Rios can also boast with its calm and steady life.



Negril is a large resort city on the island of Jamaica, located on the coast in western part of the island, in the delta of Negril river. The city is in 80 km from Montego-Bay airport and in 225 km from Kingston. During 1970-s Negril was quite popular with the hippies. This was largely responsible for a small village grew prolifically and turned into one of the most attracting resorts of Jamaica. At the moment the hotels infrastructure is developed to a great extent. According to local law all hotels in Negril should not be higher than local palms. A great number of hotels in Negril are optimized almost for any level of income.


Conditionally, we can divide the city into two zones: western Negril, with steady democratic atmosphere, fascinating cottages and boutique-hotels; and eastern Negril – Long Bay where there are the most expensive hotels and truly luxurious white sand beaches. Negril is the most western and the fastest developing resort zone. Around the city you can’t find any industrial enterprise and that is why it is considered one of the cleanest resorts of the world. Tourism is its only industry. Awesome beaches, washed by crystal-clear transparent sea waters, make Negril an exclusive place for rest. You will be surprised at incredible color scale of the Caribbean Sea and coastal sand strip. The beaches here have an interesting peculiarity – their sand does not get warm in the afternoon even in the hottest days! The beaches in Negril are fantastic. One of the best Jamaican beaches is Seven Mile Beach. Not far from the seaboard there are wonderful corals which, as if drawing the line along the coast, are forming a still lagoon ideal for swimming, diving and snorkeling. Few holidaymakers, calm atmosphere, so fine sand that it can easily be confused with powder or fine-ground flour – all these are distinctive features of this beach!


Another paradise coast is Bloody Bay Beach. This beach is almost deprived of infrastructure. Local Jamaican people like to spend time here. During timeout between visiting beaches, swimming and sunbathing, you can visit few sights located near the city. This is Appleton city which is considered the main place for Jamaican rum production. You can also visit Great Morass – marshlands which represent a nature reserve. And in order to admire wonderful landscapes, you should visit the oldest Negril’s building – the lighthouse built in 1894. Negril is distinguished by its peace and quite, steady way of life and unusual friendliness of local people. Being in this careless place, you will in love with Negril, get lost in time, white sands and palm-fringed inviting Caribbean Sea. Negril is the ideal paradise place for rest. Genial sunshine, warm sand and amazing landscapes of Negril are waiting for their tourists.



Port Antonio is a calm town where lives the most independent part of the country’s population. The town is located in north-eastern coast, in 70 km northwards from the Jamaica capital – Kingston and is the administrative center of Portland parish. Port Antonio was founded in the very beginning of XVIIIth century and named after Saint Antonio. Up to 1880 Port Antonio was a small coastal sleepy town. Fast development and popularity were acquired by the town due to enthusiasm of Lorenzo Dow Baker who organized a profitable trade with bananas from here. It attracted the first rich tourists from the American continent. Gradually the town turned into first-class, fashionable and expensive resort.


The members of royal families, famous political leaders, film stars and popular musicians have had their holiday here, bought land and built luxurious mansions. In 1946 Errol Flynn, the famous film star of those times, came here and fell in love with marvelous beauty of these places and, as the expression goes, won at poker the Nevis island where in XVIIIth century was located the base of Her Majesty Royal Navy. People usually go to Port Antonio by sea or via Ken Jones airport which is in 10 km from the town. Port Antonio is a restful resort, deprived of fuss and haste; you can find there hotels to fit every taste: from qualitative and cheap hotels, residential hotels to luxurious villas.


The town is surrounded by unspoilt jungles and its suburbs are famous for the most beautiful waterfalls where many of them fall just in the sea. Rio Grande river, in the valley of which Port Antonio is located, is also famous for its picturesque cliffy coasts. Near the coast ocean waters are declared the nature reserve. The main sight of Port Antonio is Blue Lagoon. One of the most top-grossing films with the same name has also added great popularity to this place. What will leave indelible impressions in Blue Lagoon are fabulous dark-blue colors of water. Tender-blue, sapphire and Monaco blue are always changing during the day depending on the sun brightness. You will experience unforgettable feelings swimming in the lagoon. In this place there is a mixture of warm water flows from the Caribbean Sea and cool spring waters.