Your friends in the Caribbean



Jamaica is in the zone of tropical climate which is influenced by trade winds. In the course of the year the temperature varies insignificantly, average temperature in January is about 24-25° С, in July — 26-27° С. Local climatic characteristics depend on specifics of relief and position in relation to prevailing North-East trade winds in winter period and South-East in summer period. In the area of Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, average temperature slightly varies during the year from +24 to +27°C, and in town of Gordon-Hill in Blue Mountains the temperature goes below 7°C.


The precipitation level has seasonal nature and is especially intensive in May and October, though during summer months there are also thunderstorms with heavy rains. Mean yearly rainfall is 2100 mm, however it depends on the area. The southern coast gets 635 mm of rainfall and in John-Crow Mountains there are up to 7600 mm. The rainfall season falls in period from May to October and winter months – from December to March are the most suitable for holidays because air humidity decreases and refreshing wind blows which in Jamaica is called as “Christmas breeze”.



The tropical climate wit trade wind prevails on the island. They distinguish two seasons: dry and humid but, in fact, the biggest part of rainfall is in period from May-June and September-November. Almost all the year round the temperature on the island varies from +22,9°С to +32°С, but in mountain areas it is a little bit colder: from +15°С to +27°С. Mean yearly rainfall is 813 mm. The period from June 1st to November 30th is the period of hurricanes and storms which come to the island from time to time and whose possibility of coming increases in August-September.