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In the north of Mexico the climate is subtropical, in other part of the country — tropical. On coastal plains it is damp and hot.

Near the city of Acapulco on the Pacific coast, the daytime temperatures during the whole year don't fall below +30 °C, and the night temperature hesitates from +21 to +24 °C. The temperature on the Caribbean Coast is a little bit lower. In winter months during a day the air gets warm up to +24 °C, and in summer – up to +31 °C, in winter nights - about +19 °C, in summer nights - about +25 °C. In the central high elevation terrains of Mexico the maximum temperatures in April and in May are about +27 °C, and at night in the same months it is about +11. +13 °C. In winter the daytime temperatures are about +21 °C and the temperature at night is about +7 °C.

In Mexico altitudinal zonality is well expressed — at heights in northern part of the country the temperature in winter can be below 0 °C. During dry and damp periods, the temperature differs a little, but the amount of precipitations and air humidity vary greatly. Rainy season lasts from May to October; at this time often there are powerful tropical cyclones. 

North of the country is considered the driest region; here there are about 250 mm of precipitations during the whole year. The greatest number of precipitations is in southern areas — up to 1 500 mm, and during a damp season in summer there can be about 300 — 400 mm per month. The Pacific Ocean temperature in summer is about +27 °C, and the annual average temperature is +25 °C. Waters of the Caribbean Sea are a little warmer — in summertime it is about +29 °C.