Your friends in the Caribbean

Language and people


English is the official language of Jamaica. In general, local people talk to each other in Creole language “patua” which was formed during the colonial period as a result of mixture of English and African languages brought by slaves here.

There are very few Russian tourists in Jamaica that is why nobody in Jamaican hotels speaks Russian. If you have any difficulties, contact your Travel Service representative and he will help you settle down all your problems. Moreover, you should remember as Jamaican people say: “there are no problems in Jamaica but there are situations which can always be solved”.


Jamaican people and Jamaican character
Jamaicans inherited up-bringing and education from English people. Hospitality, warm-heartedness and diligence were inherited form African people. Jamaicans treat tourists as long-awaited guests: they are always ready to lend a helping hand in difficult situations. It concerns not only hotel personnel but ordinary passersby in the street. Moreover, it is all done completely selflessly and sincerely.
Jamaica is the home for unique Rastafarian religion which combines the features of Protestantism, Orthodox Ethiopian Christianity and life philosophy which reminds Buddhism.


Population size of Jamaica is about 2,8 million people. Most of them, nearly 90 per cent, are the descendants of African slaves, 6 per cent are mulattoes and the others are Hindu, Chinese and European descendants.

Average life expectancy is 72 years among men and 76 years among women.

Languages: the main spoken language is Jamaican Creole language (“patua”) on the basis of English but the official language is standard English.

Religions: Protestants - 62,5%, Catholics - 2,6%, Rastafarians - 10%, atheists - 20,9%, others and undecided - 4 %.

Major cities: Kingston (660 thousand people) and Montego-Bay (83 thousand people).