Your friends in the Caribbean

Culture and traditions

Mexican national cuisine, many recipes of which came from the ancient times, was included into UNESCO World Heritage.

In Mexico dozens of dishes are prepared of nopal cactus. Its leaves, free of long needles are sold at the markets. Local housewives fry their in breadcrumbs and dished up as our pancakes. Corn is a popular and well-regarded cereal in Mexico. It is used for cocking of such dishes: tortilla, antohitos, repostarias, pinoles. The most popular of them is posoles - meat dish with cornmeal. Often it is washed down with a sweetened corn drink, which is also called "orchata". Mexico is a homeland of tequila. Being a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property and other international treaties, Mexico provided protection of «tequila» as an exclusive product of Mexico. «Tequila» is produced only in Mexico.